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Summer Delight:
Our New Chilled Bowls Await You!

Next Locations
Basel Bankverein
Steinenberg 1, 4051 Basel, Schweiz

Opening hours

  • Mo.-Th. 11.00 - 21.30
  • Fr.& Sa. 11.00 - 22.30
  • Su. closed
  • Kitchen closes 30 minutes earlier

Special opening hours

  • Sunday sales (Dec.) 12.00 - 21.00
  • 24. Dec. 11.00 - 16.00
  • 31. Dec. 11.00 - 16.00

Closed on

  • 25. - 26. Dec., 01. Jan.


Basel Messe
Messeplatz 1a, 4058 Basel, Schweiz

Opening hours

  • Mo.-Fr. 11.00 - 14.30/18.00 - 21.30
  • Sa./Su. closed
  • Kitchen closes 30 minutes earlier

Special opening hours

  • Sa./Su. open on special occasions and major fairs

Closed on

  • 24.Dec. 2023 - 01.Jan. 2024


Bern PostParc
Schanzenstrasse 4, 3008 Bern, Schweiz

Opening hours

  • Mo.-Th. 11.00 - 21.30
  • Fr.& Sa. 11.00 - 22.30
  • Su. 12.00 - 21.30
  • Kitchen closes 30 minutes earlier

Special opening hours

  • 24. Dec. 11.00 - 16.00
  • 31. Dec. 11.00 - 16.00

Closed on

  • 25. - 26. Dec., 01. Jan.


Bern Westside
Gilberte de Courgenay Platz 4, 3027 Bern, Schweiz

Opening hours

Special opening hours


Next Offer

Not familiar with some terms of the Japanese kitchen? Click the word and find out about it.


Fresh Japanese noodles with fine ingredients in a spicy homemade soup - that’s what our ramen is about. Pick your base and choose your ramen.


Classic, mild soy soup


Mildly spiced miso soup


Clear and mild shio soup


Hot miso soup

Vegan soup served on request.

Basic Ramen

Japanese noodles, leek,
menma, nori (also available
in small portions)

Gyoza Ramen

Noodles, fried dumplings (chicken or vegetables), leek, spinach, menma, nori, egg

Chashu Ramen

Japanese noodles, marinated pork breast slices, leek, soy sprouts, menma, egg

Wan Tan Men

Noodles, shrimp-dumplings, leek, egg, menma, corn, wakame, ginger, nori

Beef Ramen

Japanese noodles, marinated sliced ribeye steak, leek, corn, menma, nori, egg

Chicken Ramen

Japanese noodles, tender chicken breast slices, leek, spinach, carrot, menma, egg

Seafood Ramen

Japanese noodles, prawns, squid, mussels, leek, corn, soy sprouts, egg

Vegetarian Ramen

Japanese noodles, leek, spinach, carrot, corn, soy sprouts, vegetarian soup

Udon or Soba?

The alternative to ramen: choose between two types of traditional Japanese noodles, served with in a mild dashi soup


Thick Japanese noodles made from wheat flour


Thin Japanese noodles made from buckwheat

Udon/Soba nature

Japanese udon or soba noodles, leek, nori

Udon/Soba «Kitsune»

Japanese udon or soba noodles, fried sweet tofu slices, leek, nori

Udon/Soba with vegetables

Japanese udon or soba noodles, leek, spinach, carrot, corn, soy sprouts

Udon/Soba with ebi

Japanese udon or soba noodles, prawns, leek, spinach, carrot, corn, nori

Japanese Tapas

Enjoy our Far Eastern tapas as a side dish along with your meal or order them individually.

Edamame (vegan)

Cold soybeans (or warm on request), slightly salted

Kimchi pickles

Spicy marinated cabbage according to a Korean recipe

Wakame cucumber salad

Brown seaweed, cucumber strips, white sesame, wafu salad dressing


Rice triangles, fits as side dish to any meal

Tofu-kushiyaki (vegetarian)

Grilled tofu skewer with traditional yakitori sauce


Grilled chicken and leek skewer with traditional yakitori sauce

Ebi Kushiyaki

Grilled prawn and zucchini skewer with yakitori sauce


Pan-fried dumplings (chicken or vegetables), gyoza sauce

Uramaki rolls

Rice rolls with tuna, cucumber in black sesame coat

California rolls

Rice rolls with surimi, cucumber, omelet stripes

Salmon rolls

Rice rolls with smoked salmon, avocado

Inari sushi (vegan)

Fried sweet tofu pouches filled with sushi rice


Mochi Ice cream

Ice cream in rice dough


Warm pancake, filled with sweet azuki beans

Sweet Fusion

Mochi and Dorayaki of your choice

Children's menu

Ready for take-off

A cool airplane carrying Japanese tapas and more is waiting for our little guests.

Menu for download


All noodle dishes, tapas and drinks in bottles and cans can be ordered to go.


order our fine dishes in the bern
and basel area on Uber Eats.


Please ask our staff about Namamen giveaways: vouchers, t-shirts, sesame mills, bibs and tea glasses.

Next About Ramen


Ramen refers to a traditional Japanese noodle type. The terms «ra» and «men» mean literally «elongated pasta». In Japan they are part of the everyday cuisine. They can be served either hot or cold. A distinction is made between:


Noodles with ingredients in a hot and spicy soup

Hiyashi Ramen

Cold noodles, garnished, with dressing (like salad)


After many years of isolation, Japan opened its ports to the global trade in 1859. Among others, many Chinese came into the country. And with them their cuisine: In the immigrant districts of the most important seaports emerged more and more Chinese noodle restaurants which were also attended with increased frequency by locals. Some Japanese opened their own noodle business. This was the birth of the ramen culture in Japan.

Diversity and tradition

Ramen are spreading gradually across the country. During that process appeared at least 30 regional variations with up to 40 different ingredients. Currently there exist around 200.000 ramen shops in Japan, called ramen-ya. Most of them are little traditional family businesses- each of them with their own secret soup recipe.

Ramen, Udon, Soba

In contrast to the original Chinese ramen, the noodle types udon and soba are considered to be a Japanese “invention”. Even the Statistical Office in Japan distinguishes between ramen-shops which are in the category “Chinese Restaurants” whereas udon- and soba restaurants (like sushi bars) are considered traditional Japanese cuisine.


The long, thin traditional noodle made of wheat flour and water


The thickest noodle of the Japanese cuisine, lightly salted


Buckwheat noodle, symbolizes a long life

Slurping allowed

Last, but not least: the flavors of a ramen, udon or soba meal develop best when you slurp the noodles. In Japan, loud slurping is a sign that you enjoy the meal. – And here as well.

Source: Shin-Yokohama Ramen Museum, Japan Statistical Yearbook, Wikipedia

Next About us

We love ramen.
We love design.
And we love connecting people and cultures.

Say no more, let the images speak for themselves:

Next Franchising

Namamen goes international

It is time to carry Namamen out into the world. Join us!


Join the Namamen family. We are looking for committed partners who have the necessary training and field experience and share our values. Above all: quality and hospitality.

Profile of applicants

  • Entrepreneurial spirit
  • Leadership experience in the food business
  • Established local network
  • Access to attractive locations
  • Management skills
  • Financial guarantees, also in case of expansion
  • Easy and open-minded, guest-oriented communication
  • You love ramen, and to connect people and cultures
  • Have you answered all the points of our profile of applicants by „yes“?
    Then we look forward to your written application with CV, certificates, references and up-to-date proof of funds.

    Your contact person:

    Simon Schwegler

    We support you

    Our values and our image are just as important as a successful partnership. Therefore, we will help you as a franchisee in finding an attractive location and the interior design. You’ll also benefit from a modular furniture system and more.

    What we offer

  • Proven, systematized business concept
  • Modern, simple, high-quality design
  • Brand concept with corporate handbook and defined CI/CD
  • Different management tools: controlling, quality management, processes, training
  • Supply planning and recipes, access to suppliers according to the countries
  • Support for the site selection
  • Assistance with the opening of a new location
  • Fair franchise conditions
  • Next Media

    Media contact

    Your contact person:
    Simon Schwegler

    Next Imprint

    Namamen Holding AG
    Poststrasse 24
    6300 Zug

    VAT ID
    CHE-114.020.498 MWST
    Commercial register n°

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